Astana, Kasachstan

Energy City

A collaboration between the two companies Stroiinvest-SK LLP and Weissenseer JV OST GmbH, Kazakh and Austrian respectively, has brought to life a unique project called Energy City. Part of the eponymous area in Astana, Kazakhstan, the luxury mansion features Walter Knoll designs and Energy Plus technologies, defined by the PassivHaus classification. Energy City strives to be the first renewable energy powered, ecological and self-sustained village in the world, fully independent from municipal utilities grids and services.

  • Project

    Energy City

  • Locations

    dining room, living room, bedroom, building, kitchen, lounge

  • Pictures

    Energy City, Astana, Kazakhstan

  • Interior Design

    Weissenseer JV OST GmbH, Stroyinvest-BC