Perth, Australia

Halo On Mont Penthouse

Overlooking both Kings Park and the Swan River in Perth, the Halo on Mount Penthouse blends clean architectural traits with contemporary interior design features. Created by Australian architectural firm Baltinas, and perched on a six-story complex consisting of 21 apartments, two penthouses and a café, Halo enthralls with its panoramic views.

The property is filled with light thanks to stunning skylights and porthole-like openings both circular and elliptic, which convey a futuristic ambiance to the living area. High ceilings and an open plan are the perfect backdrop against which Baltinas meticulously positioned Walter Knoll’s Grand Suite sofa complemented by Bao chairs and the carpet Chumwi. Joco and Oki side tables pace the flow of the couch, the most prominent furniture element in the room. Tadeo and Cuoio chairs dot the dining area.

  • Project

    Halo On Mont Penthouse, Perth, Australia

  • Locations

    Living room, dining room

  • Pictures

    Crib Creative, Perth, Australia

  • Architect

    Baltinas, Perth, Australia

  • Interior Design

    Baltinas, Perth, Australia