Koblenz, Germany


As a child, Frank Gotthardt enjoyed happy family meals at the Fährhaus, a hotel and restaurant on the west bank of the Moselle reservoir at Koblenz. As an adult, following many years of success as an entrepreneur, Gotthardt had made his e-health company, CompuGroup Medical, into a global market leader. And he had a dream: to create a new hotel in this very same beautiful location, where the Fährhaus once stood, many years before. Gotthardt envisaged the new Fährhaus to be a relaxing refuge for businesspeople, locals, and holidaymakers alike.

It would be furnished by his trusted business partner, interior consultant Carola Kretzer-Knopp, who had only one company in mind for the job: Walter Knoll. Her vision was to use natural materials and rounded shapes: creations that would put guests at ease as soon as they arrived.

Walter Knoll Tadeo tables were the perfect choice for the restaurant, remade in smaller proportions especially for this project. The timeless 375 armchairs were upholstered in new fabrics designed to stand up to the demands of hotel usage while retaining a luxurious feel. The biggest challenge was the bed Yuuto for the Penthouse Suite. There should be technology integrated into the rear panel. The specialists from Walter Knoll succeeded here as well: the bed was installed right in time with the opening of the hotel.

Kretzer-Knopp describes this as an utterly absorbing project, full of customization and unique details. “Everything looks natural and intuitive,” she says. Whether visiting the restaurant or coming for a holiday, visitors experience the Fährhaus as a perfect balance of tranquility and invigoration. Exactly as Gotthardt intended.

“Furniture connects everything and creates harmony. You can have wonderful staff, superb cuisine – but if the furniture isn’t right, the balance is lost. Here, the furniture creates exactly the right feeling of being both in a hub – the place to be – and yet also in a unique retreat.”
Eike K. Gethmann, Fährhaus General Manager

  • Project

    Fährhaus, Koblenz, Germany

  • Locations

    Lobby, restaurant/bar, lounge, conference room, hotel room/suite

  • Pictures

    Artur Lik, Koblenz, Germany

    Fährhaus, Koblenz, Germany

  • Architect

    Fries Architekten, Vallendar, Germany

  • Interior Architecture

    STUDIO architects, Düsseldorf, Germany

  • Interior Design Walter Knoll

    KRETZER Bürotechnik & Organisation GmbH, Koblenz, Germany