Vostra Wood. Design: Walter Knoll Team.

Transcending time

Armchair Vostra Wood

Successful design knows no expiry date. On the contrary: what is already good becomes valuable over time. The function proves its worth. The comfort is compelling, the shape pleasing, the classic is strong enough to adapt – so that it stays.

Since 1949, Vostra has been synonymous with modern living. Initially standing on tubular steel legs, the chair also rested on softer-looking wooden legs from the 1950s. Clear, modern and with discreetly upholstered button tufting, it drew a fine line in the design of the fifties.

To celebrate its seventieth birthday, we are reloading the classic with solid wood legs, a sensitive evolution. Ensuring Vostra Wood cuts a convincing figure whatever the course of events. And remains forever young.


The history of the Vostra dates back to a draft by the Danish/American designer Jens Risom from 1943 – a small armchair made of beechwood and belted. Five years earlier, Hans Knoll, son of Walter Knoll, emigrated to the US, set up business on his own, included the chair in his successful collection and, in 1947, sent it to his father. That is how the precursor of Vostra came to Germany.

Walter Knoll then developed a new, proprietary form of the armchair with tubular steel legs and elaborate upholstery. This classic piece was first produced in 1949, exactly 70 years ago. And right in time for its 70th birthday, the chair is now once again available with solid wood legs: Vostra Wood, based on the 1956 version.

Facts and details

The three character buttons prove the upholstery experience of Walter Knoll.

Jürgen Röhm

“Vostra is a prime example of the style of modernity. Best craftsmanship, timeless design.”

— Jürgen Röhm, Head of Research and Development at Walter Knoll