Tama Desk. Design: EOOS.

The sculpture for visionaries

Tama Desk

Tama is applied art. Sculpture, statement, commitment. To freedom and creativity, elegance and beauty, sensuousness and self-esteem. Tama Desk is more of an attitude than a desk. If you sit behind it, you send your thoughts on a journey over the blue ocean of new markets and opportunities.

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Its design is a song of wood and craftsmanship. Bronze blade legs, elegant lines and terraced levels. Tama Desk marks the evolution from workbench to instrument. Because its balanced shape, every detail, its finish, the charm of the surfaces and its subtle poise, all these aspects bring a fourth dimension to the category desk: creativity!

Tama Desk is a mind space. A place of expression and sound board for the ideas of those sitting at it: managers, doers and all those people who look to the future because they know that that is where success is shaped.

Tama Desk is craftsmanship par excellence. A new vacuum procedure was used to apply the veneer to desk top, sides and curves. The result: unorthodox surfaces and body in a classy veneer.

The design story

How do you rethink the desk? How do you shape a haven of inspiration – a place that gives birth to ideas? Is there a design which can help us to think in new categories? In other words, what does a desk have to look like to literally make it its owner’s think tank? It should certainly be organic because nature doesn’t have any right angles either.
For years now, EOOS has worked with the vital interplay of vertical and horizontal surfaces. Tama Desk is the culmination of this constructive exploration. A balancing act of lightness and strength, simplicity and complexity, dynamism, calm, shape and sensuousness. Pure inspiration!
This truly unique furnishing sculpture only became possible with the craftsmanship of the Walter Knoll development team which came up with a range of completely new construction and veneer technologies for Tama Desk. Clemens Schmidt, developer: “Tama Desk is in no way like the construction of a typical model – maybe apart from the fact that it has a drawer.”

Tama Desk redefines the standard desk as a think desk. No surprise then that the pedestal and drawer exude masterly craftsmanship. You hardly have to touch the pullout for it to open. A light brush of your hand along the body and the corpus slides out, revealing an inner tray lined with soft leather. A private compartment available with lighting if required – a compartment which, every time it is used, is like opening a small treasure chest.

The poetry of vertical discs and horizontal terraces had to be combined with the typical requirements owners have of their desks. Tama Desk came into being thanks to an ingenious construction which unites the equilibrium and stability of a desk with the poetry of a sculpture.

Facts and details

Craftsmanship at its best.
Three discs carry the desk.
New nutwood maduro and all other veneers possible.
Pedestal with pullout.
Private compartment: leather lining, mirrors and as an optional extra lighting in the drawer and pedestal.
USB power ports: concealed charging stations for iPhone and iPad.
Invisible cable routing.

Jürgen Röhm

“This desk is organic through and through. It is different from all other desks before it. Brilliant. The question is: can you actually still call it a desk?”

— Jürgen Röhm, Head of Research and Development at Walter Knoll

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