Conference-X. Design: EOOS.

Conference-X – The agile table system

Conference table Conference-X and swival chair Leadchair Management

Beauty, efficiency and stability – crossed with maximum flexibility. The elegant X-shaped base devotedly carries the slim, almost sensuous top. A table that is so airy that it liberates the room instead of dominating it. If the room is suddenly to be used for a different purpose, Conference-X is a quick change artist, easy to convert and dismantle in seconds – without any special knowledge, without tools.

From a technical point of view, Conference-X is a table system. Today an individual workplace, tomorrow a bench for a brainstorming session, the day after a series of tables for a seminar, always usable as a flexible conference. And it is precisely this flexibility that makes Conference-X a modern management table for start-ups, fin-techs and agencies. Scalable and adaptable: a table which grows with the ideas of the people sitting round it.

From a design point of view, Conference-X is the perfect agility table. Its shape and function as flexible as the young economy.

Working worlds are becoming more diverse, rooms more variable in use. The new elongated X base enables conference tables up to 1.40 meters wide. People can sit opposite each other and work together at one and the same table – with or without a computer. If a new situation arises, the system can be dismantled or converted in a flash.

Conference-X table leg
Conference-X table leg

Beauty and stability made of solid aluminum. The slimline X carries tops up to one meter wide. The new, elongated X can shoulder areas up to 1.40 m wide.

Conference-X is also a perfect individual working place. The airy X-shaped legs lend an air of lightness. The table is stable and provides plenty of legroom.

The design story

Rooms are becoming more variable in use. What does a table that satisfies a whole range of different demands look like – from the individual workplace to an international symposium? That combines beauty and multifunctionality? That can be converted in a flash? Bearing these questions in mind, designers and construction engineers came up with the high-grade Conference-X system. The pivotal piece is an X-shaped base made of solid aluminum – elegant, lightweight with a high load-bearing capacity. People have plenty of legroom and the table top is stable. The newly created connecting mechanism can be locked and released in a flash.

Now the X has a big brother: an elongated X that can shoulder working spaces up to 1.40 meters wide. People can sit opposite each other and work together at one and the same table – with or without a computer. If a new task crops up, the system can be converted in a flash. Conference-X is the flexible table system for flexible companies. A construction which combines agility with stability.

Facts and details

Table top in multiple shapes and sizes, materials and surfaces.
Rounded edges for sophisticated requirements, straight edges for the business area.
The X is the base. It carries the table top. And connects two tables.
Easy Handle connection technology has been put forward for a patent.
Connectors in the table top provide access to power and IT networks.
Textile cable mesh bundles cables and small pieces of media equipment.
USB power port for charging smartphones and tablets is virtually invisible under the table edge.
Modesty panel with a textile look provides visual protection and absorbs sound in a room.

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Rainer Brinkmann

"The secret is the X: a leg made of 60 individual parts with a powerful spring lock. Could withstand earthquakes – the more you rock the table, the firmer the base is locked."

— Rainer Brinkmann, construction engineer at Walter Knoll