Liz-M. Design: Claudio Bellini.

Light now even lighter

Chair Liz-M

Liz, has a ring of beauty to it, but also sounds like ‘less’. And with that, the secret to this pure chair is aired. And its new variant, Liz-M, goes even one step further when it comes to sticking to essentials.

Liz-M means: less is more. More minimalism, more lightness – in construction, upholstery and handling. Maximum comfort with a minimum weight. Because Liz-M has an intelligent construction: the cover is made of one piece, the knitted fabric becomes the upholstery – making Liz-M the comfort champion among the conference chairs.

Liz-M is versatile: for flexible use round a conference table, at events, congresses, lectures – free-standing or attached in rows, up to twelve chairs can be safely stacked; comfy with a pad on the armrest.

And Liz-M makes sense: its design demonstrates resolute reserve in the use of material. The result is a chair or maximum sustainability – because its reduced components are perfect in terms of separation and recycling.

The design story

Claudio Bellini had designed a new variant of Liz allowing the safe stacking of up to twelve chairs. The construction engineers at Walter Knoll also asked themselves: how could they make this variant even lighter – in terms of weight, in terms of construction, while retaining maximum comfort? The solution? A new kind of knitted fabric. It has outstanding elasticity, which can be varied with the density of the loops. Different colored, twisted yarns give the surface a vital, three-dimensional effect. And it feels fantastic to the touch. The team came up with a construction technology as simple as it is ingenious: they pulled the circular-knitted fabric over the framework in one piece – like a stocking. Armrest and seating area, cover and cushioning – all made of the same material. And that is the reason why the chair is so wonderful to separate and recycle. Liz-M is the comfort champion among the conference chairs.

Liz-M features a new kind of knitted fabric (left), but is also available in all other fabrics and leathers in the Walter Knoll collection.

Facts and details

The knitted fabric is a new kind of cover and substrate in one. It is elastic, breathable and particularly easy to care for.
The armrest pad ensures extra comfort.
The tubular steel framework makes it easy to stack and set up in rows.
All components can be separated and recycled.

Oliver Siegelin

“As a team we came up with a solution: why don’t we pull a cover over Liz-M like you would a stocking? And that was it. Very simple and absolutely ingenious.”

— Oliver Siegelin, Team Lead Development at Walter Knoll