The Farns. Design: EOOS.

House in house

Sideboard The Farns

It is a striking, small building in a living space. More architecture than furniture. More statement than server. The Farns is as clear and innovative as Ludwig Mies van der Rohe’s “Farnsworth House” was at the time – the prototype of all glass buildings. A landmark in every living landscape. Like the timelessly valid architecture of modernity, The Farns also plays with light and shade, with shape and geometry, wood and glass. A modern spacious bungalow, fascinating by day and night, open on all sides, transparent and accessible – always the center of attention.

The Farns is a tribute to Mies van der Rohe’s "Farnsworth House". Plano/Illinois, 1950/51.

The Farns is a grown-up version of the sideboard. It can be used as a luminaire, make a statement within a particular space – like a bungalow in a park. The doors of The Farns can be opened 180 degrees creating a spatial item with a range of faces for innumerable lighting effects. The Farns furnishes every living landscape with a secret. The mirrored panels make the inside seem endless. Construction and statics? Remain a mystery. And even when The Farns stands against a wall, the mirrored panels magic it into a light board – transparent, resolute and straightforward. A sideboard that is like a gallery, a true tribute to the Bauhaus.

Multi-purpose: in the living and dining area, as an architectural element in space, as a dresser, credenza, bar furniture, sideboard, highboard and lowboard. As a display cabinet, floating shelving, luminaire and media board.

Can be virtually freely assembled for using from just one side, from both sides, from the back and from the front. A piece of furniture that focuses on open planning and living.

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Martin Bergmann and Gernot Bohmann talking about how their extraordinary idea came to life.

Photo credits Farnsworth House: akg-images/VIEW Pictures/Peter Cook/VG Bild-Kunst, Bonn 2019 / akg-images/VIEW Pictures/Grant Smith/VG Bild-Kunst, Bonn 2019

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Discover the many varieties of The Farns.


“Great sketches, but it can’t be put into practice.” Enthusiasm about the look, but the developers and construction engineers otherwise shook their heads. How on earth could you work out the statics? Without a rear panel? With that much glass? With doors that open by 180°? And how should the undersized hinges carry the large glass doors? This sideboard draft by design trio EOOS seemed to be a flight of fancy. “Attractive, admittedly, but it will never work!” But it did. The development team from Walter Knoll set about looking for the very best in the region of inventors to make the impossible possible. New door fittings and an adhesive that balances the temperature differences of aluminum and glass without losing strength were specially created for The Farns. A new lighting technology to perfectly showcase what is inside. And the glass itself became the carrying static element. The result is more than a sideboard: dresser or credenza, highboard or lowboard, display cabinet or bar unit, floating shelving or luminaire – a structuring architectural element for every living area.

The transparency lends the linear sideboard the lightness to structure a room and not dominate it.

Facts and details

Individual configuration
Virtually invisible hinges
180 degree opening angle
for the door elements
Light package optionally available
Cable ducts allow unproblematic media installation
Veneers in oak burned, white pigmented or nutwood, all oiled – to make them look and feel like solid wood

“The statics of the sideboard were a particular challenge. And we are really proud to have found a solution.”

— Clemens Schmidt, Technology and Development at Walter Knoll

The all-rounder

The Farns was developed as a modular system. Accessible from both sides and as a sideboard against the wall. From 60 centimeters high to a highboard measuring 1.50 meters. With or without light installation. With or without wooden doors. This way or that – a sculpture of clarity, pure and versatile.

Sideboard without doors

Sideboard with 4 or 8 doors

Sideboard with 2 doors