Scale-Media. Design: Wolfgang C. R. Mezger.

Scale-Media – a table like a made-to-measure suit

Conference Table Scale-Media

It is the master of the boardroom. German engineering combined with perfect craftsmanship. The design options of Scale-Media in terms of shape, size, material and media technology are so diverse that every table is ultimately unique – and the icing on the cake for every corporate identity.

Scale-Media is the made-to-measure suit among the conference tables. Flexibility with character. The design team at Walter Knoll implements high-grade components to ensure the perfect fit for the most demanding of customer desires. Every individual piece stands for unrivalled excellence in scaling, processing and finishing. Scale-Media is a powerful tool for modern leadership. Ensuring that the company – with its aims, its values and its identity – is the focal point of a discussion.

The table top can be delivered boat-shaped with rounded corners, as a rectangle or trapeze-shaped – a special algorithm is used to calculate the curves. Surfaces are available in veneer, fine textured paint or Fenix®.

The design story

The development of Scale-Media is the story of years of collaboration with conferencing customers the world over. It all started with the question: how can you develop a conference table to suit the highest demands but which, like a made-to-measure suit, can nevertheless be adapted to suit individual wishes and, at the same time, is based on established construction principles? This is why Scale-Media was designed as an intelligent toolkit from the outset. It is based on process-related manufacturing engineering, is variable in size and look, and characterized by excellence in material and the integration of media technology. In a continuous improvement process, every made-to-measure table enriches the design team's treasure trove of experience – and leads to unrivalled expertise in scaling, flexibility and finishing. Challenging customer desires have made Scale-Media the perfect tool for leadership.

Scale-Media rests on panel legs, panel legs with soft radii, prismatic panel legs or a solid base.

Facts and details

Dimensions are scalable.
Resolute excellence in material and surfaces: veneers, fine textured paint and Fenix®.
Central section made of leather.
Connectors for media technology are discreetly positioned under the surface.
Connector covers in the table top are also veneered.