Setting sail with Virgin Voyages

Virgin Voyages cabin

Walter Knoll creates the first-ever transformational cabin bed. Designed by PearsonLloyd for the British cruise liner and nicknamed the Seabed, it redefines cabin design for guests to enjoy each sojourn or journey across the sea.

Designing the cabin

“We’d really like that first impression to be one of surprise,” explains Luke Pearson, one-half of PearsonLloyd, the studio behind the design of the Seabed, created in partnership with Walter Knoll for Virgin Voyages. Elaborating on the concept while still at an embryonic stage he quips, “when you walk into this room you might only find the bed or you might only find the sofa.” This new creation produced in tandem with Walter Knoll for their first cruise ship, Scarlet Lady, and three more to follow, is a two-in-one kind of invention. 80% of all cabins within each vessel will feature the first-ever transformational bed, a fixture that pivots in the middle and can assume the form of an L shaped sofa or swiftly be rotated back into a queen size bed position.

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With the first ship setting sail in 2020 with cruises in the Caribbean, it goes without saying that both PearsonLloyd and Virgin Voyages teamed up with the most congenial brand to pull off such a stunt. “Walter Knoll are complete furniture professionals so it is incredible to work with these craftsmen,” believes Jamie Douglas at Virgin Voyages. Indeed, Walter Knoll brought to the table craftsmanship and select materials; advanced technology and engineering; not to forget the meticulous attention to detail.

Tom Lloyd, the other half of the creative duo, explains how each cabin added “that sense of discovery also as it transitions into different states, different times of day will be a sort of an ongoing sense of discovery in the room.” Simply put, the world of Walter Knoll, made of adventurous journeys and always expanding the creative horizons.

Filming for Virgin Voyages

Filming for Virgin Voyages