Digital, customer-focused and sustainable: Walter Knoll is the top furniture brand in the German luxury companies ranking

Sofa Jaan Living

In details, Walter Knoll has one of the top positions in the ranking of the "Top 50 German luxury companies" compiled by the firms EY, INLUX and KEYLENS. The company ranks eighth and is thus considered the top furniture brand in the German high-end segment.

Besides the companies’ overall performance, the consulting firms EY, INLUX and KEYLENS also took into account long-term development through the categories of digitization, innovation, sustainability and customer focus. "The interconnectedness of people in the course of digitization has made customers autonomous. Therefore, customer centricity is an important prerequisite for the future success of luxury brands too," says Petra-Anna Herhoffer, initiator and organizer of the LBD Luxury Business Day, during which the study is presented each year. As the ranking shows, the success of German luxury companies is based not only on performance, but above all on the ability of companies to familiarize with their customers.

Out of 106 companies, the consulting firms identified the best 50 companies in the German luxury market. For the first time, the study added a customer perception survey sampling over 1,000 final customers.