Interview: Designer Neptun Ozis – like father, like son.

Chair Fishnet

The story of the collaboration between Sadi and Neptun Ozis with Walter Knoll is that of kindred spirits. Besides a shared appreciation of modernity and evolution, Sadi and the German furniture manufacturer used to give their best while working on avant-garde, timeless, and elegant design – they aspired to creating iconic objects. What set the Ozis patriarch apart though was his driving force: art. Today, Neptun, his son, has been fostering the father’s legacy and ingeniousness, fast-forwarding and thrusting it to the next level of creativity and artistry. Here’s what Neptun told us about the responsibility to pick up where Sadi left off.

Neptun Ozis

What makes the design of the Fishnet Chair unique? Do you have memories of your father working on it?

Neptun Ozis: Its forms are timeless and so powerful. Could you name a design piece that has been created 60 years ago and is still garnering major accolades such as The Good Award, bestowed by the Chicago Athenaeum of Architecture and Design? Especially so many years after its inception and in today’s competitive landscape?

Unfortunately, I don’t have any memories of my father working on it. The design is older than I am but I do remember that the chair intimidated people. They were scared to seat on it as the chair was originally upholstered with a real fishnet which they thought wouldn’t have been able to withstand their weight.

Which direction do you think interior design and product design will take in the future?

Neptun Ozis: I think that, as our planet calls for help day in, day out, the whole design industry will shift to ecological, sustainable, green design. You can already see the changes and its signs on yacht and car design. Interior and furniture design will be affected mostly with regards to material use and production technology, not regarding form and style; this will automatically affect how designers will approach a product. Petroleum-derived or engineered materials like plastic or polyester will be discarded, and the general style approach will be more minimalist and focused on details, characterized by natural materials and finishes.

What are your thoughts on Walter Knoll and its products?

Neptun Ozis: Walter Knoll is a brand that produces timeless and luxury furniture pieces. I think each of its pieces is a classic. A piece of design doesn’t need to be a classic 20-30 years from its inception; if one considers production quality and design approach, it is obviously clear whether a piece will be a classic or not. The collection and production quality show that Walter Knoll is manufacturing only timeless, high-end quality, outstanding furniture that can be used for decades to come, without a doubt.

What do you and Walter Knoll have in common?

Neptun Ozis: We are both deeply rooted in furniture and design history. We both don’t want to create today’s furniture; we strive to create ageless furniture. We both work on details and quality, and that is what makes us collaborate harmoniously.

Name three of your favorite Walter Knoll pieces.

Neptun Ozis: One of my favorite Walter Knoll pieces is Vladi coffee table. The shape, the structure and the quality are second to none. The other two pieces are the FK chair and the Votteler Chair, whose designs I think are very classical and timeless.