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Climate neutral

wind farm

Walter Knoll is climate neutral.

Environmentally conscious and future-oriented: Walter Knoll ranks among the best German climate-neutral manufacturers and meets "Scope 3", the highest possible standard according to "Climate Pact," an environmental initiative launched by the German Furniture Quality Assurance Association. The company compensates for its emissions, which are difficult or impossible to avoid, by buying environmental certificates that promote and support alternative energies such as wind power.

label "Klimapakt" of the Deutsche Gütegemeinschaft Möbel e.V. (DGM)

In so doing, Walter Knoll is actively contributing to a long-term reduction of global polluting emissions thus supporting the United Nations’ 1.5-degree target. The basis for this is the "carbon footprint" which represents all direct and indirect emissions of a company. In addition to electricity, water and waste, the CO2 footprint also includes the employees’ commute.

photovoltaic system

Impressive numbers: approximately 300 tons of CO2 a year are saved thanks to photovoltaic energy.

At Walter Knoll, sustainable management is an important part of corporate responsibility. In addition to timeless design and long-lasting materials, the focus is on avoiding or minimizing the use of resources in architecture, products and projects. The best emissions are those a company doesn’t even produce.

energy consumption in Herrenberg

Our enterprise constantly saves energy due to different measures including building technology – for example, the heating system at our brandland in Herrenberg requires 40% less energy for the entire facility than years before for the old building alone. Furthermore, we have included photovoltaic plants and retention basins, optimized insulation and high-performance heat pumps, concrete core thermal activation and sprinkler tanks for heat storage in the ecology concept at Walter Knoll. All unavoidable or hard-to-avoid emissions are compensated by selected certified climate protection projects.

You can find the certificate in our download area